Irsogladine [57381-26-7]

Iron Sucrose [8047-67-4]

Manidipine Hydrochloride89226-75-5] 
5-Hydroxy-1-tetralone [28315-93-7]

Biguanide  [56-03-1]

5-Hydroxymethyl Uracil [4433-40-3]
2-Amino-7-methoxytetralin HCL [4003-89-8]
N-Methyl-Beta-alaninenitrile [693-05-0]

2-bromopyridine-4-methanol [118289-16-0]

6-Nitro Veratric Acid Methyl Ester [26791-93-5]
3-Mercaptopropionic Acid [107-96-0]
      Shanghai Rory Fine Chemical Co., Ltd  is engaged in the Pharm intermediate and pharm raw material , we always keeps list product in stock. We are very welcome  everyone who interested in our products to enquire us or give us advise.

     Quality Control equipment including

1 High performance liquid chromatography Agilent1100

2 Gas chromatography Agilent6890

3 balance METTLER TOLEDO AG204

4 MP instrument YRT-3

    Our are good in the following reaction:

Nitratlon ; Oxidation; Chlorination; Condensation; Hydrogenation Press reaction(<100atm)

     We holding the aim of "clients first, quality first and credit first" will keep feeding back the society and developing market home and abroad. We would try our best to cooperate with old and new clients for a brighter future....

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